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Thousands of swimming pool accidents occur in Texas every year. Some of them involve minor injuries with emergency room treatment, and others result in fatalities. Pharr, TX Swimming Pool Accident Lawyer JR Reyna is keenly aware of the severe injuries and deaths that occur in swimming pool accidents. His dedication and compassion have resulted in an enviable record of successes for Texas accident victims.

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If you were injured in a swimming pool accident, or if a member of your family was tragically lost in one, you could be eligible to bring a premises liability lawsuit against anybody who owned, operated or managed a private or public swimming pool. Texas premises liability law is highly complicated, so you'll want an attorney representing you who is experienced in swimming pool accident injuries and wrongful death cases.

Types of Swimming Pool Accidents

Given what goes on in and around swimming pools, a wide variety of accidents and injuries can occur. Our Pharr, TX Swimming Pool Accident Lawyer has seen cases involving dangerous conditions like:

Inadequate fencing
Diving accidents
Drains with excessive suction
Pool cover drownings
Slippery walking surfaces
Inattentive lifeguards

Common Swimming Pool Injuries

Most swimming pool injuries aren't going to drastically change a person's life, but others can be serious and result in permanent disfigurement or disability. They can include:

Slipping and falling on the pool deck
Diving board injuries
Fractures and severe lacerations
Severe electrical shocks

Catastrophic Swimming Pool Injuries

Diving and drowning accidents can cause catastrophic injuries. Pursuant to American Medical Association guidelines, these types of injuries often involve severe trauma to the brain, spine or spinal cord, so they're classified as catastrophic injuries. Some catastrophic injuries can require a lifetime of medical care and treatment. They might also require multiple surgeries, hospitalizations and therapy. They entail lifelong pain and suffering, disfigurement and disability. They often shorten the life expectancy of a victim and cause a premature death. Catastrophic injuries also financially and emotionally devastate family members.

Wrongful Death

When a person dies as a result of the carelessness and negligence of somebody else, his or her family members and estate can bring a wrongful death lawsuit. Like every other state, Texas has its own wrongful death statute. It's found at Texas Code Annotated section 71.004(a). It states that somebody "is liable for damages arising from an injury that causes an individual's death if the injury was caused by the person's or his agent's or servant's wrongful act, neglect, carelessness, unskillfulness or default." Wrongful death actions in connection with swimming pool accidents are highly complex. It's critically important for anybody who brings a wrongful death claim to seek the assistance of an experienced and successful Pharr, TX Swimming Pool Accident Lawyer like JR Reyna to protect and invoke their rights.

A family who has lost a loved one or who has a family member who has suffered permanent catastrophic injuries in a swimming pool accident will face devastating financial and emotional issues. In searching for a Pharr, TX Swimming Pool Accident Lawyer to represent them, they'll want a respected attorney with a high success rate who can quickly and professionally investigate their claim. This attorney must be able to collect all relevant and material evidence, obtain statements and testimony from witnesses, conduct pretrial discovery, make timely and proper court filings and advocate on behalf of the victim and family from the start of the case through settlement or verdict.

Don't hesitate to contact Pharr, TX Swimming Pool Accident Lawyer JR Reyna's offices by phone or email for a free consultation and case review on any swimming pool accident. He'll carefully listen to you and fully advise you of your legal options. No legal fees at all are even due unless he obtains a settlement or verdict for you.

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